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Our Design Philosophy is best described as a five step process. We at Zyed, Inc. wish to help you design, conceive, develop, implement and cultivate your business.
STAGE I design » layout

We determine the client's needs and identity. Your project should be a reflection of you and your business. Our aim is to meet and exceed client expectation.

STAGE II conceive » develop

From initial client input, we create a design schema that traces the direction of the your company. This schema will be refined into the beginning templates for the project.

STAGE III develop » create

We incorporate a myriad of cutting edge technologies to bring life to our client's projects. From Flash to database connectivity, our client's projects and multimedia are integrated seamlessly into one highly optimized final product.

STAGE IV implement » layout

We continue to assist our clients through the creation process by helping to properly install and fully configure our solutions.

STAGE V cultivate » maintain

Our design staff fully stands behind the integrity of our products. We remain available to answer any and all client questions.